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Super Mario 64 Riders

Description :

Super mario 64 riders is one of the best run and jump games where you will help Mario complete a series of challenging obstacle courses. And reach the castles at the end of each level safely, get one step closer to rescuing the beautiful Princess Peach. Jump forward, catch lots of coins, avoid sliding down the rocks, or get wrapped up in the mouth of deadly fleshy traps. Use the Left-click to keep Mario jump forward, under control during the entire game. You must ensure that you can work as quickly as he does to keep him safe. As you can see, it isn't easy because you will have many enemies in any adventure game, so you must jump on all the obstacles like the holes in the ground, and Super Mario will also have its dinosaur to go faster to climb. Angry mushrooms and fire-spitting flowers will be one of the risks that you will have to stop with Super Mario and the spikes on the ground that damage Super Mario if he's struck by either of the mushrooms or plenty fire.

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