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Description : is a free social deduction game where you and 6-12 other players work together to solve who among you is a betrayer to the crew! You play the game as a crewmate or a secret saboteur called a 'betrayer'. The betrayer must sabotage operations while crewmates must complete all of their duties without being killed.

In you'll have to work with or against your friends in order to figure out who is on your team and who is the betrayer. At the beginning everyone on the team is assigned a role. Regular crewmembers must perform tasks around the map that are represented by simple mini-games. In the meantime, the betrayer, who looks just like everyone else, can make things difficult for everyone by sabotaging stuff and slowly killing off the rest of the team. After the round is over, there is a brief discussion that allows the players to try and figure out what was happening. The betrayer also takes part in the discussion, pretending to be a regular player. After the discussion is over, someone can be voted out, and if the bad guy lives on, the game continues.

Controls :
  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar or E to interact
  • M to open map
  • Esc to close opened interface

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