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Go Kart Go Ultra

Description :

Are you ready for a great race with the go kart car? Start your engines and get ready to Go Kart Go! Ultra! Choose your driver wisely and race around Old Station, Central Park, Watermill Mine, and more. All wacky animals are back and for a crazy kart experience. Choose your favorite animal and use your best driving skills. Beat opponents by using new wacky items and try to finish first on every track. Collect stars and hidden objects to unlock new tracks and characters. Give the two-player racing mode a try and compete against your friends.

Controls :

Single Player
  • Arrow keys : Drive
  • Z : Jump
  • X : Use item
  • C : Look back
Two Player
Player 1
  • Arrow keys: Drive
  • Shift : Jump
  • Space : Use item
  • O : Look back
Player 2
  • W,A,S,D: drive
  • Tab : Jump
  • Q : Use item
  • E : Look back

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