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Description : is an isometric pixel art shooter game where you control a battle clanker and survive with your teammates. Select new weapons and use landmines to improve your battles. When you enter the game, you are part of a team. Your enemies are indicated in red. Go towards the red rectangle to know their position on the map. HUD around your mech indicates its current status. The large arc represents the remaining hull, while the bar below is your shield level. Follow the red points to find your enemies. Damage will first get absorbed by a force field around the mech. When it's depleted, the hull gets damaged until the mech is destroyed. The mech can focus energy in front of it to reduce damage dealt to the shield. The shield itself recharges to 50% over time. Find pickups to go beyond that. For the first few seconds after the respawn, the mech is immune to damage, but its weapons are disabled. Every time you kill an enemy, you get a rank up and earn gears which you can trade for different mechs.

Controls :
  • WASD = move (double tap movement key to dash)
  • Space = bash (a special move that will disable the enemy)
  • 1-6 = change weapons
  • Q = offensive mine
  • E = defensive mine
  • R = heal

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