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NightPoint io

Description : is a frantic multiplayer shooter in which you must fight in a 2D cityscape against hordes of undead zombies. The graphics are reminiscent of Pokemon games and you can choose from several different 2D characters. To start with you are equipped with a pistol but as you level up you can choose different weapons including a machine gun, a shotgun, and a flame thrower. Looking for weapons or armor in the Nightpoint io game is a pointless exercise. You can upgrade only by destroying frags. As soon as the battle began, do not let the zombies close to you so as not to receive damage. For each zombie destroyed, you get points that are needed to get powerful gun. Thus, the longer you are in the game, the stronger your machine gun. Keep an eye on the stock of health in order to retreat in time to recuperate

Controls :
  • LMB - Shoot
  • WASD - Move
  • Spacebar - Dash
You must move around the city and survive for as long as possible against the zombies – they respawn over-time so there is always a threat – you can never keep your guard down. Furthermore, the zombies will be drawn towards you so you must keep moving and shooting. As you level up you can upgrade your character's statistics such as movement speed, health, and health regeneration – this will help you survive longer. You must also consider the other players. Will you work with them? Or will you eliminate all potential threats?

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