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Gartic Phone

Description :

GarticPhone takes advantage of Gartic tools and the mechanics of the traditional “Telephone game”. The perfect fun for your Discord voice chats. Get ahead of everyone else and claim first place by sketching and guessing more quickly than they can. This game offers a wide variety of play options, accommodating as many as thirty players at once and featuring a total of twelve distinct game variants. When everything is prepared, choose a topic, and then construct a space in which you and your friends can draw, make educated guesses, and have a good time.

The concept is very simple and likely familiar: everyone starts by writing a prompt for a storyboard scene. Then those prompts are shuffled and given to other people in the group, who have to draw the scene to accompany that prompt. After that, the drawings are handed out to other people, who then write their own prompt to describe the scene. That prompt is then given to another person to draw, and so on and so forth. Following this, the subsequent player will follow the loop until the end where the players will have to compare the final sentence to the original starting sentence.

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