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Raft Wars

Description :

Simon made the discovery of diamonds while playing in the sand one day. His story hit the news and now pirates from all around the world want to fight this little guy for his loot! With the help of his baby brother and dog, Simon is set on defending his rightfully earned treasure. After finding hidden treasure buried on the beach, Simon and his brother have to defend it from pirates, vikings, and other treasure thieves in Raft Wars. Help Simon and his brother defend their treasure by defeating waves of enemies. Grab your tennis ball launcher and defend your raft by knocking enemies off of their perch. This aim and shoot game is misleadingly easy looking but can be difficult to play. Use your mouse to aim and fire. Try to defeat the pirats by shooting balls at them! If you get knocked out of your raft, it's game over!

Instruction :
Use your mouse to aim and fire and knock out each of the pirates. First, select the angle by moving your mouse. Then select the strength by moving your mouse up and down. Select upgrades to better your chances at beating each level.

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