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Cake Slice Ninja

Description :

Cake Slice Ninja is a highly addictive cake cutting game with pleasant 3D graphics, in which you will have to demonstrate your skills of wielding a sharp blade and incredible reaction speed to have time to slice all the delicious cakes! In front of you on the playing field will be tossed in the air a variety of types of sweets, such as: cakes, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate rolls, donuts and more. Slice up all the desserts before they fall to the floor!

Use the mouse or finger to swipe across the screen when the cakes appear and slice them, getting points in return, while making sure not to let three of them miss your knife because you lose, as you've only got three lives, and the same is true if you slice three bombs. Will you have the dexterity to tackle this daunting task?

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