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Crazy Moto Racing

Description :

Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing is a 2 player motorcycle driving racing simulation game that is made from 3D cartoon riders. You can choose Single or 2-player mode to play. It's time to challenge your rivals in ten challenging levels. When you earned enough money, you can buy more new vehicles to ride faster.
Ride your bike and try to win this 2-player or single-player fantastic motorbike racing game. Jump from ramps, containers, and concrete tubes while trying to stay ahead of the race. You will have ten levels, each with a different course to race on, and the goal is always the same, to cross the finish line before the other riders, real or virtual.
Whether you choose to play 1P or 2P, you will have ten levels to do so, each with a new track in which you try to cross the finish line first, ahead of your rivals, either real or virtual. Each new course will be more difficult than the one before it, that's for sure!

Use the following controls:
  • Player 1 uses SFED to drive, shift for nitro, W, R to kick riders, and C to respawn.
  • Player 2 will use ARROWS to drive, space for nitro, N, M to kick riders, and H to respawn.

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