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Monkey Mart

Description :

Monkey Mart is a management game where you play as cute monkey character who is in charge of a supermarket. Grow your own supermarket in the jungle in Monkey Mart. Collect fruits and sell them to other animals in the jungle to earn as much money as possible. Plant fruits, harvest produce, move around from station to station to fill the stands with various food items. Your customers will pick them up and wait for you at the cashier desk - simply stand next to the cash register to collect your money. During this progress, you will be able to unlock new products to sell. For more interesting and realistic gameplay, Monkey Mart allows you to upgrade your own character and add more space to plant and grow fruit. As you unlock new aisles and grow your market with new products, you can hire assistants to help oversee the maintenance of the aisles and other employees. Don't forget to wear cool hats and manage your market in style! Do you have the skill it takes to make your farmer's market the best one in town?

Controls :
  • WASD or Arrow Keys : Move

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