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Fractal Combat X

Description :

Fractal Combat X puts players directly into the cockpit of a heavily-armed fighter spaceship. Pull off amazing stunts and blast your enemies in glorious 3D. Right at the beginning, you will be able to buy a jet, with which you’ll start completing missions. There are a few available right at the start, but you don’t have enough money for all of them. You can buy upgrades or change the color of your jet. You can also upgrade the individual parts. Aside from the normal missions in the story mode, you can complete daily missions that are continuously changing.
There are dozens of story-mode missions to enjoy and more added regularly, so you’ll never be short of alien worlds to explore and opponents to do battle with. It’s even VR-ready for added immersion, courtesy of Google Cardboard. Purchase upgrades along the way to make your ship fit for the challenges ahead. Your ship’s engines, weapons, shields and armor can all be swapped out – prioritize the features that suit your playing style, and conquer the sky! So be sure to try the game out!

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