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Pirates Path of the Buccaneer

Description :

Pirates Path of the Buccaneer is an action game to shoot cannonballs at your enemies. As a leader, you can lead your pirate crew in defense of ships and attacking other armies. You will be amazed by the number of pirate ships and monsters you can find. At each level, your goal is to destroy the enemy's ship with your gun. When you strike the enemy's ship's indicated unique spot, it will lose fire capabilities for two seconds. Experience great adventures full of cannonballs, sea monsters, and pirate ships!
You must mentally prepare yourself to fight other enemies. You can launch quick, decisive attacks to eliminate them all. While you will likely face difficulties as you progress, it is important to master the game and learn your battle strategy. Try your hand at fighting games like Tower Defense and FPS Assault Shooter.
ThePirates are infamous for their viciousness and cruelty. They are men who live by a code of honor, trained from childhood to fight for what they believe in. You can be a pirate too if you have the courage to do what it takes. Will you take up the title of Buccaneer? The answer is in your own hands. Make your way through 5 action-packed levels, acquire new and awesome weapons and equipment, complete various missions, avoid dangerous traps and protect yourself from the pirate attacks. Good luck and victory in the fights!

Controls :
  • Left-click = move forward / backward.
  • Drag and hold the left-click = aim.
  • Release left-click = shoot.

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