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Description : is a fun addicting multiplayer online io game in which you play as a devastating hurricane that grows constantly to become unstoppable. Move across the entire globe to destroy everything in your way.
Grow your hurricane by navigating warm waters. Use hurricane skills and signature abilities. Cause destruction and death globally.
Ready to eat hurricanes? However, in this massively multiplayer online .io strategy game, you are the hurricane. It's grow or be absorbed; eat or be eaten.

How to Play :
  • Your main goal in Hurricane io is to become the most powerful hurricane in the history! You start as a little rainy storm and have a chance to grow in to a huge powerful hurricane!
  • Collect coins on your way to purchase special powers, like speed boosters and invisibility and eat the little colored balls to upgrade your storm.
  • At the top of the screen you see an speed indicator. The speed increases when you absorb clouds. It's a kind of fuel for our hurricane. As soon as you're confident enough try destroying real worlds objects like boats, planes and other objects created by humans.
  • When you come across a bigger hurricane it will start sucking you in and it's speed will increase. So if you meat a hurricane and your speed starts decreasing - run away!

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