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Uncle Ahmed

Description :

Uncle Ahmed is a fun adventure game. Uncle Ahmed's favorite nephew has been kidnapped, and now he needs your help to save him from the dark magician! Flames, spikes and wild beasts - our favorite uncle has to prepare for a lot of dangerous challenges. But apart from his athletic skills and his heroic bravery, Ahmed has some more tricks up his sleeve.

You can't spoil him! It's time to take on a tough opponent as you travel through a world filled with dangerous creatures and minions of the evil wizard and grow thanks to the power ups you find along the way. Collect gold coins from each level to spend on upgrades later on, Ahmed has a few tricks up his sleeve! Are you ready to join Uncle Ahmed on his dangerous adventure and save his nephew? Good luck...

Controls :
  • Up Arrow key : Jump.
  • Left & Right Arrow : Move.
  • X : Shoot.

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