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Fruit Ninja

Description :

Play Fruit Ninja Online on your PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet without download or install. Ready your blade! Everyone's fun, fruit slicing action game is back with the addition of fun mini games and real-time competitive action! Challenge yourself and see how long you can last in classic mode, set a high score in arcade mode or simply practise your fruit-slicing skills in zen mode. A wide range of blades and dojos are at your disposal to help you cut your way to the top. There has never been a better time to play fruit ninja, so unsheathe your sword and get ready for an addictive, action-packed gaming experience!

Slice fruit. Avoid bombs. That’s all you need to know to play Fruit Ninja! What are you waiting for? Whether you're playing for some mindless fun and trying to relax and pass the time, or trying to improve your skills as a master ninja, this is the game for you.

Instruction :
Slice the flying fruit! Do not slice the bombs.

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