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Rule Your City

Description :

Rule Your City is an exciting cowboy game to shoot your enemies around. Being a cowboy is really hard to survive, so be a leader in your city by destroying your enemies. Allow the experience to begin and take your weapon and your old western assault rifle and begin wandering the urban areas at first light toward the beginning of the day when the trouble makers are hoping to break into individuals' homes and take their merchandise.

In this game, your city is invaded by cowboys. You are also a cowboy with a super shooting ability. Show your skills through this game while shooting down all the enemies and progress to the next level. You can move on to the next level when you kill all the invaders in the previous level. There are many levels with different numbers of enemies. Attack them before they see you. Note that you should attack individual cowboys. If you attack the centre, the town will always be very difficult. Other enemies can spot you at the same time. Then it is very difficult for you to save your life.

Let's see if you'll be the sheriff or the bandit in Rule Your City! These are dangerous times to be in the wild west and that is just where you are. Now, hold on to your gun and show everyone whose city this is!

Controls :
  • WASD : move
  • Mouse : aim/shoot
  • R : reload
  • 123 : change weapons
  • ALT : crouch
  • L : lock screen
  • P : pause

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