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Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Description :

The Police Real Chase Car Simulator is the best simulation game that provides the greatest open-world realistic gaming and automobile driving experience. Although completing missions is difficult, you may join the fun and frequently practice driving and perform various stunts. It is critical to figure out how to move in normal traffic while doing missions to become an expert in this game. As you go, you will complete the amazing mission and drive your police car across various sorts of routes between the buildings. Show off your amazing car driving skills, perform awesome car stunts in one of the best free car driving simulators games!

Controls :
  • W : Accelerate
  • S : Backward
  • A : Steer Left
  • D : Steer Right
  • C : Change Camera
  • F : Car Enter/Exit
  • R : Reset Car
  • Space : Jump
  • L -Shift : Sprint / Nitro
  • M : Map
  • I : Instructions
  • P/Esc : Pause
  • H : Police Siren
  • Q : Roll
  • E : Inventory
  • Z : Missions

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