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Description : is a challenging game for basketball fans. In this game, you will unleash your inner player as you compete in tournaments. Your task is to take the ball from your opponents, avoid them and throw them accurately to score points. Control your player and move wisely because of the dance floor. Defeat your opponents by scoring more points than them before the time runs out! Work with your opponents as you strive to be the Champion. Be the Ace Player and have so much fun as you play

Controls :
  • Keyboard: Use ARROW KEYS or WASD.
  • Mouse: Click & Drag Mouse

How to play :

  • Use your mouse to take control of a player.
  • Move around to avoid opposing players when you have the ball and smash right into them when you do have the ball.
  • Take control of the ball and navigate toward the glowing green rectangle in order to trigger a point for your team.

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