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Om Nom Run

Description :

Om Nom Run is basically your average non ntop running game, Run for glory at the hands of a cute green alien character and run infinite distances as you collect coins and perform amazing stunts and tricks to avoid obstacles along the way.

Join Om Nom and Om Nelle on a race through the dangerous streets of Nomville: Avoid crashing into wooden crates, trucks or fences and glide over high-speed trains to get as far as you can, loaded with rewards! You'll be able to use boosters to help you move faster and even power-ups to make your mission easier, such as super powerful magnets or jumping boots. You'll also have the chance to unlock new characters, some fun costumes, and discover amazing locations as you run through busy streets, underground tunnels, robot factories, and some colorful levels - get the highest score on your scoreboard and have a blast!
Get ready to speed through the city streets in Om Nom Run as you test your reflexes and high-speed skills!

Controls :
  • Use the arrows to move.

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