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Might and Monsters

Description :

Might and Monsters is an io game to be the last one standing in the arena. Hunt monsters with other players, collecting cool heroes and magical equipment! Matches are quick, less than 3 minutes. In the end, the last hunter standing with the most points wins the day! You will of course be able to use special attacks or places where you can replenish your health. At the end of the game, the hunter who survives the longest wins by getting the highest number of points. Each of the characters has unique abilities so be sure to choose wisely. Kill the monsters to get the items you need and use them to upgrade yourself.

Select your favorite warrior, customize his armor and upgrade his weapons as the game progresses and you accumulate enough gold, and pay attention to your life bar as you must return to your tower to recover your energy before it's too late. Show your courage, don't give in to the hordes of enemies that await you scattered throughout the battlefield and bring peace back to the kingdom once and for all. Good luck!

Controls :
  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • 123 = upgrade

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