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Eggy Car

Description :

Eggy Car is a driving game that requires you to carry eggs while driving on bumpy roads. Your mission is to drive, keep a safe distance, and avoid breaking the eggs. In this game, you need to adjust the safe distance and speed to keep the egg from falling out of the car while overcoming difficult hilly roads. At the same time, while moving, you will have to collect coins to increase your rank. Remember, try to be calm and not in a hurry to keep the egg as far as possible. Drive carefully to help your car and egg over the hills as fast as you can!

Eggy Car is like a car race that is both fast and skillful, requiring high concentration. So while playing, focus on getting the farthest egg! This game sets up a lot of attractive features to make your experience as fun and comfortable as possible.

Controls :
  • D or Right Arrow Key : Accelerate Forward.
  • A or Left Arrow Key : Accelerate Backward.

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