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Rabbids Wild Race

Description :

Rabbids Wild Race is a comical multiplayer game in which you have to fly toward the finish with your jetpack-powered Rabbid. Fly as far as you can and collect stars before the other naughty Rabbids! Dress-up and ready your Jetpack, it's time to Race! Challenge your friends to a wacky race! Avoid enemies and obstacles! Collect coins and unlock crazy outfits! Use naughty tricks to annoy other players!
It’s easy to get lost in the crowd of flying bunnies, Look to the upper right corner of your screen to see how many players are still in the race and keep a close eye on your Rabbid as you dip and dodge between the obstacles. Don’t worry though, it will only help you as you are trying to be the only survivor of the race. Watch out for hostile Rabbids with blowtorches and plasma guns trying to mow down the participants, and collect shields that allow you to jump on top of other players and get ahead. How long will you be able to survive this frenzied free for all?

Controls :
  • Space / Left Mouse Button to fly

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