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Rally Point 3

Description :

Rally Point 3 is a fast-paced offroad car racing game that comes with unlimited nitro. Offroad racing with the fastest cars - equipped with unlimited nitro. Be aware though! Too much nitro will overheat your car with explosive consequences. Beat the time in each track and complete the challenges. The player must come out on top and leave all opponents behind! In the course of the game, you have to unlock and complete each mission only with a victory in your hands. Start with the initial Force, Vulcan, and Bison cars at the start, gradually discovering new cars! It's important not to overheat the engine at the hottest moment, otherwise, an explosion is inevitable! Can you finish in time to unlock new cars and tracks?
Controls :
  • WASD / Arrow Keys : Steer
  • Shift / X : Drift
  • Space / Z : Nitro

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