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Description : is a 2D shooter io game based on the armed forces. Military training came out to build an army. Find the power box to buy a high-priced soldier. Soldiers have many levels to buy. Armed Forces To protect the chief Is not killed And score first. 2D characters with classic and new guns. The energy gun can destroy the opposite side of the bullet. Summon units with various types of firearms, both old and new. Have fun shooting groups in your battle to win the battle. It’s time to go shoot down all enemies standing in your way for your ultimate triumph. You are armed with a group of units in this battle, so you must deploy them carefully and send them out into the fight to get rid of the rivals. While you shoot at them, you need to gather more boxes that are dispersed on the ground. Those boxes will be utilized as a currency that allows you to send out further units. You should purchase high-level units when you get a lot of money. They will help you kill the rivals more effectively. Just spend your money wisely on the units, try to build a big army of strong units for yourself then lead them to the final glory for the arena domination.

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