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City Car Stunt Master

Description :

City Car Driving Simulator: Stunt Master is endless and earn the most bonus points in this game. This game puts you inside some pretty amazing cars that you get to drive through a big city. Avoid traffic, avoid cops, and do stunts – that’s the ultimate goal of this game. Throughout the city, there are tons of big jumps, loops, and tons of places to drift. Each trick or drift you complete increases your points meter. With these points, you can unlock new, better, and faster cars. Customize and drive your favorite car, and experience the beautiful night in the big city. And if you don't want to do stunts, you can simply enjoy driving around the city.

Controls :
  • WASD or Arrow keys : Main Controls
  • Space bar : Handbrake
  • Q/E : Indicator Lights
  • L : Headlights
  • I : Ignition
  • F : Boost
  • C : Change Camera
  • Esc : Pause

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