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Crash n Burn

Description :

Burnin' Rubbber Crash n' Burn is the official Burnin' Rubber 4 tribute game. It was also one of our first Unity developed games. Collect cash in over 25+ missions to unlock new cars, style gagdets and upgrades. Destroy as much as you can with an explosive slowmo 'after touch'-mode as a cherry on top!
Take the streets in a car kitted for destruction and blast everything to oblivion. Each round will give you a new mission, like destroying a certain number of police cars and other objects around the map. You get paid for everything you trash, so don’t hold back! There are over 25 missions to play through.
Utilize the plethora of power-ups scattered around the map. These incredible little boosts will do everything from creating an immediate blast radius to raining hell-fire and explosions around your vehicle.
You can buy and equip a range of items in the safehouse. Buy new cars, styles, add new gadgets, and enjoy a range of upgrades to give you maximum blast power. Keep progressing to reap the rewards and unlock awesome new vehicles.

Controls :
  • WASD / Arrow Keys : Steer
  • Z : Fire
  • X : Special Steer in 'Aftertouch' mode to create extreme mayhem and rack up even more cash!

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