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Soccer Skills

Soccer Skills World Cup is a 3D sports game that lets you play soccer tournaments on the go. You select your favorite country, prepare your team hard and try to win match after match as you go through the rounds, reach and win the quarter finals and semi finals to make it through to face the grand final of the championship!

Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is an American football game in retro style where your purpose is to coach your team and win a prize at the end of each season. Managing the fate of the NFL is no longer all about rich people. Now you can do it alongside the American Football unblocked game, playing American football with pixelated retro graphics similar to video consoles and 80s computers. Pick your favorite team and take control of various aspects of the game: from players to tactics and training, and you even have to manage communication with the press. Be the boss of your NFL franchise, expand your roster, take care of your press duties to keep your team and fans happy. Train your team competently to build the right tactics and make decisions during matches.

Ovo Game

OvO game is a fast paced skill based platformer game focused on maneuvering around the levels as fast as possible in which you must complete each level using improvised and precise parkour skills. To beat every level in easy and hard settings, master a large board of moves, gather over 20 coins placed throughout the levels, and unlock a dozen skins and achievements. Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you play better and have a more enjoyable experience overall.

Controls :

  • Arrow Left : Move Left
  • Arrow Right : Move Right
  • Arrow Up : Move Forward
  • Arrow Down : Move Back
  • Spacebar : Jump

Furtive Dao

Furtive Dao is an enthralling game in a martial arts style! Help the Red Panda to raise money for repair the shelter! You must go out and find some money, slash your way through enemies in as fewer moves to gain extra money!

Billiard Tricks

Mafia Billiard Tricks is a billiard arcade game in which you can play the challenging game of billiards. This game can teach you how to play billiards in the best way possible. It starts with a few easy lessons and then you can play actual games against opponents. If you want, you can even continue to intermediate and harder lessons which you have to unlock by defeating the the first opponents you’ll face! Complete each challenge then face off against each mafia boss in a game of 8 ball pool. Pocket all of the balls in a limited amount of shots or in a limited amount of time in each level. Beat all 8 bosses to complete the game!

Instruction :
Drag left mouse button backwars to adjust power, release to shoot.

Raft Wars 2

In Raft Wars 2 you have to battle your way through the waterpark area to retrieve your beloved treasure. A millionaire has built a waterpark over our heroes treasure and you want to fight your way through the park to regain it! But before you can dig up the beach, you have to get rid of all the security guards and annoying kids. Shoot from your raft with different upgradeable projectiles to throw the troublemakers into the water. Now they’re on a mission to put the water park out of business so they can get get back their gold! Ruin waterslides, pools, lifeguards, security guards, and more to get your treasure back! Select the weapon you want and shoot tennis balls to blast all disturbing opponents into the water. Use upgrades to prepare your raft and ammo for the final fight. If you get knocked out of your raft, it’s game over!

Instruction :
Use your mouse to aim and fire and knock out each of the pirates. First, select the angle by moving your mouse. Then select the strength by moving your mouse up and down. Select upgrades to better your chances at beating each level.

Raft Wars

Simon made the discovery of diamonds while playing in the sand one day. His story hit the news and now pirates from all around the world want to fight this little guy for his loot! With the help of his baby brother and dog, Simon is set on defending his rightfully earned treasure. After finding hidden treasure buried on the beach, Simon and his brother have to defend it from pirates, vikings, and other treasure thieves in Raft Wars. Help Simon and his brother defend their treasure by defeating waves of enemies. Grab your tennis ball launcher and defend your raft by knocking enemies off of their perch. This aim and shoot game is misleadingly easy looking but can be difficult to play. Use your mouse to aim and fire. Try to defeat the pirats by shooting balls at them! If you get knocked out of your raft, it’s game over!

Instruction :
Use your mouse to aim and fire and knock out each of the pirates. First, select the angle by moving your mouse. Then select the strength by moving your mouse up and down. Select upgrades to better your chances at beating each level.

Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire is an Idle game where you develop your own mining empire ! Tap on your miners to start digging. Next, transport ore to ground level with an elevator. Finally, transport the ore to your warehouse to earn a profit. Use coins to upgrade your mine shaft, elevator and warehouse. Automate tasks by hiring managers at each facility. Recruit workers, create new tunnels and upgrade your tools to develop a huge mineshaft network!
Activate boosts to speed up your mining operations. Attract investors to take your business to the next level. Grow your mining business like a tycoon

Carrom Clash

Carrom Clash is a classic board game that competition between two players who play on a square game board. Both opponents compete to put pucks of their respective colors into the pockets. With the coins you earn through winning matches against the computer, you can go into the shop to buy new strikers and stones, which are cool upgrades that will help you do even better and win faster, and have more fun, obviously! The player who scores all his pucks first is considered the winner. Can you become the best?

Table Tennis

Table Tennis World Tour is a fun ping-pong game in which you can try out your table tennis skills against a range of AI opponents. Choose the country you play for and start your journey to master the game of ping pong, slide your finger on the screen and watch the paddle glide with it.The faster you pass, the harder you hit the ball, The game ends when one of the players reaches 11 points and the winner passes the opponent by two points. Each player has two consecutive serves. Get ready to enjoy this world table tennis championship! Hit the ball masterfully and try to score as many points as you can in order to win!

Instruction :
Left mouse button to shoot.