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Raft Wars 2

Description :

In Raft Wars 2 you have to battle your way through the waterpark area to retrieve your beloved treasure. A millionaire has built a waterpark over our heroes treasure and you want to fight your way through the park to regain it! But before you can dig up the beach, you have to get rid of all the security guards and annoying kids. Shoot from your raft with different upgradeable projectiles to throw the troublemakers into the water. Now they're on a mission to put the water park out of business so they can get get back their gold! Ruin waterslides, pools, lifeguards, security guards, and more to get your treasure back! Select the weapon you want and shoot tennis balls to blast all disturbing opponents into the water. Use upgrades to prepare your raft and ammo for the final fight. If you get knocked out of your raft, it's game over!

Instruction :
Use your mouse to aim and fire and knock out each of the pirates. First, select the angle by moving your mouse. Then select the strength by moving your mouse up and down. Select upgrades to better your chances at beating each level.

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