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3D City Wars

Description :

FPS Shooter 3D City Wars is the most exciting and challenging first-person shooter (FPS) game where you and your team fight against terrorists. No time to hesitate, take real action to dismantle terrorist organizations! You will get a certain number of points for every killed villain. The key point is to get as more points as you may in this thrilling game and destroy all the evil, that settled in this wicked town. Wish you luck and remember that you can access this wonderful game from all the various types of gadgets and devices for completely free! Share with your buddies and appreciate this application together and share the funny moments together!

Controls :
  • WASD : Move.
  • Left Mouse Button : Shoot.
  • Right Mouse Button : Aim.
  • R : Reload.
  • Space : Jump.
  • Shift : Run.
  • Ctrl : Crouch.
  • X : Lie.
  • T : Time Dilation.
  • Q : Tilt Left.
  • E : Tilt Right.
  • Esc : Pause.

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