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Why WordPress? Using the WordPress CMS has the following benefits.

WordPress was first released in 2003 and has since grown to be the most widely used content management system (CMS) worldwide.

A wide range of industries, including e-commerce and blogging, use WordPress CMS. WordPress is used by many websites, including the one you are now seeing.

What is the true purpose of WordPress use, perhaps some of you are still wondering? Several benefits of WordPress are listed below, which influenced our choice for using it as the platform for our website design.

We’ll talk about some benefits of utilizing the WordPress content management system in the following paragraphs, such as:

WordPress Benefits :

  1. Powerful and user-friendly
    Unlike other content management systems, WordPress can be utilized immediately after installation. Without requiring a lot of setup, all functions may be used right away, and even beginners can easily use WordPress. WordPress also has the benefit of being extremely simple to use. This CMS platform is incredibly user-friendly, thus it is simple to learn.
  2. Flexible
    The next advantage of WordPress is its flexibility; it can be used for a variety of websites, including a company profile websites, personal, business, online shops, communities, hobbies, and others.
  3. Customizable (plugins and themes)
    With only a few clicks, the user may instantly alter the appearance of their website using WordPress, which allows for plenty of customization. Thousands of themes and plugins are available for use. We are not limited to using the themes and plugins that are offered; we are free to use our own. Everything is easily modifiable.
  4. Easy View switching
    Is your website’s current appearance boring you, or is it not the best it could be? then simply switch out the theme; WordPress makes theme changes incredibly simple. Simply choose one of the offered themes or use your own, then click “Activate,” and the website’s appearance will change right away.
  5. SEO-Friendly
    One of the aspects that allows a website to be visited by a large number of people is success in SEO. WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS, which is a feature of WordPress that is very popular among internet advertisers. Many SEO professionals recommend adopting WordPress to improve their SEO. Your website is sure to rank strongly on search engines like Google, especially if you add different SEO plugins that are also available. Even Matt Cutts, a Google team member, recommended utilizing WordPress when giving a speech at a WordCamp gathering in San Francisco. In fact, he uses WordPress for his personal blog.
  6. Multimedia files hosting
    Adding multimedia resources, such as photos, audio, and video, to a website is an effective way to enhance user experience. Thankfully, WordPress makes all of that simple. With simply a drag and drop, we can add multimedia files to the page. Furthermore, WordPress includes a Media Library function for managing multimedia assets.
  7. Mobile-friendly
    Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial in the age of mobile devices. With WordPress, anything is simple to accomplish. It is possible for you to select a mobile-friendly theme. Data can also be updated using a smartphone because the WordPress admin connection is mobile friendly.
  8. Integration
    Combining WordPress with other platforms to expand your company’s capabilities is a pretty simple process. Let’s say you require an email campaign. You may combine WordPress with services like Aweber or MailChimp. Similarly, WordPress can be integrated with many major payment platforms if you wish to develop an online store website.
  9. E-commerce Website Solutions
    With the help of several plugins, you can easily turn your WordPress blog into an online store and start making money. This makes it simple to create an online store using WordPress. To create your own online store, you can utilize plugins like Shopp, WP-Ecommerce, and WooCommerce.
  10. Get a variety of hosting
    WordPress makes it simple to switch hosts if you wish to do so because your old provider was frequently having issues. For the simple reason that you won’t lose any visitors or performance if you relocate your website. This is possible because WordPress can run on a variety of contemporary web hosting platforms, and there are plugins available to help with the transfer of data. The informative post from WPBeginner regarding the process is available for reading. Other than that, you can also use free web hosting that is designated for WordPress users.
  11. Relatively safe
    Hacker attacks have increased in frequency after WordPress was named the most popular content management system. Nonetheless, WordPress takes this very seriously and always gives its users updates, lowering the danger. While attacks do happen to certain users, they are mainly the result of the user employing themes or plugins that they downloaded from unreliable websites.
  12. Easy to manage.
    A security-focused update system is built into WordPress. Aside from core updates, WordPress will alert you if there are any upgrades to the themes and plugins you are using. As a result, website owners will find it easier to maintain their sites as they will always have the newest engine. This will undoubtedly improve the website’s security and program code renewal.
  13. Multilevel user capability
    A website can sometimes be managed by multiple people, but because each person specializes in a different area, not all menu items will be available to them. Therefore, user-level functionalities must be provided. All of it is available in WordPress, which offers multiple user levels as well as Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. Of course, this WordPress feature might make it simpler for those of you who wish to build a large website with plenty of managers.
  14. Multisite capability
    WordPress is an option for those who wish to build multiple websites using a single engine. This feature lets you build a community website where users may edit and manage their own content while customizing their look.
  15. Much more than a blog
    WordPress is a well-known blogging platform; nevertheless, websites can be combined with existing websites to function together. WordPress, however, may be used for more than just blogging; it can serve as the primary web-page. WordPress offers two types of content: pages and posts. Pages can be used for static pages like contact, about, and profile, while posts are for more frequent changes. Aside from that, WordPress includes a variety of different post formats that can help you create a more visually pleasing website.
  16. A large and supportive community
    Because WordPress is so popular, there is a large user base and a strong community. One of WordPress’ greatest advantages over other content management systems is its robust community. This community helps us appreciate WordPress even more by providing easy solutions to a variety of problems that may arise when using the platform.
  17. Build a community
    WordPress includes tools and plugins to help build a user-friendly community, whether it’s through posting blog entries on social media platforms or interacting with visitors in the comments section.
  18. Applicable to membership services
    If you have a fan-based website, you can easily add a member page that only members can see. To get to this page, you can set several conditions, such as sharing or paying. All of this is possible since WordPress offers a variety of plugins for this use.
  19. Schedules for posting can be set up
    Because WordPress provides this feature, you can adjust the publication time for each post if you have a lot of them and don’t want them to publish all at once. The year, month, day, and even the hour can be changed. Even if it was written a few days ago, your website appears to be constantly updated.
  20. Testimonials are easily displayed
    Testimonials from other people are a great way to add value to business websites and build trust with people who might want to do business with you. Thus, it is necessary for testimonials to be visible on web pages. WordPress offers a variety of features to help with this, including plugins like Easy Testimonials and Testimonial Widget.
  21. Use a single click for posting content
    You don’t need to worry if you write a fascinating post and want to publish it right away because WordPress allows you to publish an article with only a click, and readers will be able to read it as soon as it is published. The article will be displayed on your social media accounts when you utilize the social share plugin.
  22. Post from Application
    Installing the WordPress Mobile application, which is compatible with both Android and iOS, allows you to administer your WordPress website from a smartphone or tablet instead of needing to access the admin page through a browser.
  23. Simple statistics monitoring
    Statistic analysis is one method of determining whether or not website traffic is rising or falling. If you use WordPress, you can quickly view these information by connecting your website with Google Analytics and similar services, or by utilizing a plugin like Jetpack.
  24. WordPress will improve
    Nowadays, WordPress stands as the most widely used content management system (CMS). Its popularity naturally affects those who make contributions to the platform’s advancement.

Every gap discovered will be reported, and WordPress enthusiasts will not only assist in filling them but also document all of the features that WordPress can offer on their own website. With the strength of a large population, WordPress will undoubtedly continue to improve.

also, utilizing WordPress has a ton of extra benefits.

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