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Sink it

Description :

Sink It is an exciting new dexterity game in which you will have the opportunity to become the captain of your own pirate ship and set out to ply the dangerous waters of the Caribbean islands! You have a lot of exciting duels on the open sea with various enemies who will try to sink your ship in order to steal all the treasures you find. Watch your angle and fire your cannon at the right time. If you hit the water, you will cause a giant wave that will move both you and your opponent, making it more difficult to hit each other. During the match, objects will fall from the sky that will affect the water. Some of those object can actually be collected.
Play alone or with a friend, and be prepared to perfectly calculate the angle of fire and the energy with which you launch the bullet. The strong waves will make your mission difficult, so you must do your best to be patient, and a bad shot will cause a giant wave to rush over you, so you must learn to control your impulses and only attack at the best moment.
By using the waves to move the object towards you, you can use their cool effect, like freezing the sea! Can you defeat all your opponents?

Controls :
  • 1 Player :
    Fire - Press space / tap and release on mobile and tablet
  • 2 Players :
    Fire player 2 - Press enter / tap and release on mobile and tablet

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