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Master Chess

Description :

Master Chess is a HTML5 Board Game that you can play in web browsers, Play chess against the computer or challenge a friend playing locally in three difficulty levels.

How to play Master Chess:

  • You are the white chess pieces and get to go first.
  • The score at the bottom tells you how many points you have against your opponent the level you picked (easy, medium or hard). You can see your opponent’s score at the top of the screen.
  • The moves timer keeps track of how long it takes to play your moves and to get to checkmate.
  • When you select a chess piece, squares on the board will highlight to show you where you can move it to.
  • You can use the settings at the top right of the screen to turn the sound on and off and end the game.

Enjoy this stylish version of the classic Chess Game.

3 Game’s Mode:
– Multiplayer mode
– Play against the pc
– Challenge a friend playing on the same device

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