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Murder Mafia

Murder Mafia is a one-button casual game that challenges you to eliminate the big mafia, Don! Disguised as him and watch out for potential traitors! Explore various scenarios that can happen in the game and aim to experience them all while mastering the art of deception.

L.O.L Surprise!

This Dress-up game from L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G.™ features the ever-popular Royal Bee, Neon Licious, Lady Diva and Swag, plus eighteen other fan-favorite dolls. L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G.™ Style Studio has missions in which you dress up the dolls in a specific style to get likes on social media, but you can also create your own fashion style with the items at hand. Then, show off your glamor in a photoshoot! Enjoy music from the official Fierce album during the game.

Soccer Skills

Soccer Skills World Cup is a 3D sports game that lets you play soccer tournaments on the go. You select your favorite country, prepare your team hard and try to win match after match as you go through the rounds, reach and win the quarter finals and semi finals to make it through to face the grand final of the championship!

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a classic kart racing game. Enjoy with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser and Donkey Kong Jr are out to win the Super Mario Kart championship. There are 4 cups in all to race for, Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup and Special Cup, each with a selection of tracks to race on collecting coins to boost your speed while using shells and bananas to stop others on the track.

Donkey Kong

Play the classic Donkey Kong game online for free. In addition to the goal of saving Pauline, the player has a score. Points are awarded for the following: leaping over obstacles, destroying objects with a hammer power-up, collecting items such as hats, parasols, and purses, removing rivets from platforms, and completing each stage according to a steadily decreasing bonus counter. The player starts with three lives with a bonus life awarded at 7,000 points. A life is lost when Mario touches Donkey Kong or any enemy object, falls too far, or lets the bonus counter reach zero. The game ends when all lives are lost.

Run Run Duck

You’re a cute duck figuring out life in this jump and run pixel themed platformer game. Lead the yellow duck through an obstacle course and collect coins along the way. Jump over slimes to knock them out. Jump from under the bricks to break them. Collect powerups to boost your skills. Get to the golden egg to complete the level.Watch out for dangerous drops and other challenges.

Cave Blast

Cave Blast is a fast paced flying and shooting game where you have to fly jetpack around the cave and destroy endless waves of monsters.

Dragon Ball Z

Play Dragon Ball Z Devolution for free! In this retro version of classic Dragon Ball you’ll have to control Son Goku and fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Face dangerous opponents from the series, gather your strength and dodge their blows!

Drive Mad

Drive Mad unblocked is a car game where you drive on a track filled with obstacles and satisfies their craving for thrilling adventures! Drive silly cars at high speeds in dangerous terrain. you navigate a route that is dotted with hazards. your aim is to reach the finish line in one piece.

Ben 10

Playing Ben 10 Adventure Games is a fun and challenging way to spend your free time. These entertaining games have an original story and are based on the world of popular cartoons. The goal of the game is to save the world from the Vilgaxes who are planning to destroy the world. In the game, you play as Ben, who must solve puzzles and fight the waves that he will encounter on the way. The Omnitrix is an advanced weapon that will allow you to transform into various alien forms useful in combat and puzzles.